Ravi Ramanathan – (Dr. Ram)

We are extremely proud to introduce you to
our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs.

Over the 10 years we’ve operated Family Doctors of Green Valley, we have regularly been asked if we offer Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs. As a result of the increasing demand from our patients, and the recognition of the growing obesity epidemic and its negative impact on the health of our patients, we’ve decided to launch the Family Doctors of Green Valley Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program (Family Doctors WLP).

Our program is unique because it is safe, effective and supervised by an MD in a clinical setting. There are no hidden gimmicks-just safe and effective weight loss, tailored to your needs.
We offer multiple weight loss program options, and accept many insurances including Medicare.
We look forward to working with you to customize a Las Vegas weight loss program to meet your personal needs. We will be with you throughout your entire journey.